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Know Your Magic audio series, offers ways to explore the Magic in your life, by helping you to overcome challenges , how to move pass fear and tapping into your higher guidance through interactive exercises. Each series offers, Psycho, Sexy and Kool ways to transform your life. Ms Blue helps you to create new paths, to find your way back to your Higher self to live the best life ever. Know Your Magic, is a easy to follow audio work book, to strengthen and empower your inner guidance.


About MsBlue

Hmmm here is a little something about me, I am your everyday sister, loving life and respectfully learning. I love to share and on Fridays and Sundays you can hear me Live on The Remix Online International Radio Show.

As a sister who is very Intuitive and a Holistic Practitioner. I can tap into some Psycho,Sexy Kool Energy, I don’t really like titles like psychic, or medium, you can just call me MsBlue. I have done readings for thousands all over the world. To date I have done reading for Brothers and Sister and Babies and Couples in more than 20 countries. I know that it’s everyones birth right to Know Your Magic! What I do, You can do…

You have work to do, and I know you came back to the planet to do it ! I love the Woo Woo that’s ( Metaphysics and Spirituality ) and bringing things together to get results! NOW THAT’S KNOWING YOUR MAGIC!

The Know Your Magic Audio Workbook will show you how to, tap into your psychic powers and connect with the divine universal energy to get the your work done! I Dance to the Tune of Empowerment and Sing to Beat of LOVE ~~~`So join me and let’s get into to the MAGIC !

Know Your Magic Session 1: Creation Magic

  • How to create magic in your life
  • Understanding signs and symbols
  • Tapping into the subconscious mind using everyday magic
  • Juicy Juices & Rotten Apples , working your inner oracle


Know Your Magic Session 2: It’s Time to Get Naked

  • Understanding your Blueprint ( DNA, Belief System, and who are you really ?)
  • How to Dance with your Dark Side
  • Codes for Understanding your Dreams
  • Releasing your Cosmic Orgasm


Know Your Magic Session 3: Smooth Talk & Wisdom

  • Activating your Magical Energy Points
  • New Beginnings
  • Smooth Talk
  • Tapping into Wisdom


Know Your Magic Session 4: Your Divine Destiny

  • Fate Vs Destiny ( tapping into your temple energy )
  • How to connect with the Elements ( earth, air, fire and water and metals )
  • Using meditation to connect to your Destiny


Know Your Magic

This audio workbook includes 4 (60 minute) mp3 audio sessions. Instantly download the complete Audio Workbook upon purchase.
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