Soul Body Workshop Online Course • Price $44.00

There are four essential to building a Soul Body:

  • Life Alchemy
  • Body Building For Soul Level Awareness {Fu@K Being Normal}
  • Learn how to tap into your ancient knowledge to use for your evolution today
  • Understand what makes you tick at a Soul Level

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Love Seminar Online Course • Price $55.00

7 Layers of Affection : The following topics will be covered:

  • Discover the true meaning of love
  • Discover the chemicals and elements of love
  • Attracting the perfect Mate
  • How to be the Perfect Partner
  • Why is it a challenge to love
  • Those who are looking to experience a true expression of love without fear

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Khemistry of the Archangel Michael – Spirit Quest • Price $22.00

Tap Into The Chemosphere of Your Soul

  • Activation to opening your universal gateway

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